About the Course

Several good reasons why you should attend (on Zoom!)...

Your Bible study will become more productive: At the end of the course you will be able to use the study tools and knowledge you have gained to understand more about God and His purpose for man as you read your Bible.

The seminars are open to all whether you are new to Bible reading or have read your Bible for years: There’s always something new to learn!

All seminars are completely free of charge. You will never be asked for money or to make a donation of any kind.

Leave at any time. If you ever find the programme inadequate you may leave with no strings attached

Learn and develop skills which enable you to read the Bible with more understanding than ever before. Many people desire to learn but initial frustration discourages and hinders progress.

You are under no obligation. No-one will attempt to “save” or “convert” you or ask you to join any organisation against your will: in fact, the course is often attended by people with a wide variety of beliefs or with no religious views at all.


Everyone attending will receive extensive material for your own notes and class outlines. These hand-outs will allow you to review the material at your own pace between classes.

Questions others have asked...

Q: Will I be asked to be “saved” or “join” the Christadelphians at the end of the course?

A: No! You will not be pressured during or at the completion of the classes. Our hope is that the classes will encourage you to draw your own conclusions about God and His plan. These classes will equip you with necessary tools to make your own decisions about what you have learned.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: The Bible is scarcely read in today’s fast-paced society. Our faith and belief in God motivates us to share His message and Truth. We believe that the Bible teaches us what is right and good in directing our lives and families. In Christ’s day, the apostles spread the Gospel message and the commandments of God. We also feel compelled to make known to all who would listen the wonderful plan God has for the Earth.

Q: What if everyone there knows more than I do?

A: The classes are run in such a way as to make everyone feel comfortable. No-one is ever put “on the spot”.

Q: Who will be paying for the course?

A: All costs are being paid for by the Christadelphians in the Petersfield, Chichester and Southampton areas.

Please note:

  • Everything is provided at the course.

  • There are no charges for the course.

  • No advanced preparation is required.