Course Schedule

Starting Thursday 19th May 2022 for 10 VIRTUAL weekly sessions, God Willing.

Week 1

Welcome & Introduction

Background of the Bible

Overview of the Bible

The Bible interprets itself

Week 2

Reading the Bible

Background & Genesis

Why Two Testaments?

Bible Terminology I

Week 3

Role of Prophecy

The History of Israel (Part I)

The History of Israel (Part II)

Week 4

Study Tools I

The History of Israel (Part III)

Tips on Reading

Bible Terminology II

Week 5

The History of Israel (Part IV)

Using Cross-References

God Manifestation

Week 6

Critics of the Bible

The History of Israel (Part V)

The Purpose of God Revealed

Week 7


Period between the Testaments

Bible Terminology III

Week 8

Our Bible

The Gospels

Study Tools II

Week 9

Acts of the Apostles

The Jews and the Law of Moses

Bible Terminology IV

Week 10

Life and Death in the Bible

New Testament Letters

Good vs Evil