Learn to Read the Bible Effectively

A FREE 10-week ONLINE evening course, starting Thursday 19th May 2022 - 19:30-20:30

If you find reading the Bible difficult or frustrating at times, then this course is for you. Ten concise and informative sessions are delivered by presenters using Zoom. They aim to equip you with skills required to understand scriptural teaching and principles for yourself and so benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible. Whether you are already familiar with the Bible or are new to reading it, this course will provide you with plenty of information and the desire to begin reading more effectively.

Attend this free ONLINE course on Zoom and let the Bible come alive!

"I spent many years searching for something, perhaps the meaning of life but every path I took led to a dead end with no answers. The course enabled me to take the right path by the message of the truth found in the Bible."

- Mike

"The course showed me the gospel message as revealed in the Bible and gave me the answers that no one else could. I have never looked back and each day has a purpose and the greatest hope I could ever hope for."

- Debbie

You will Learn...

  • What the Bible’s all about.

  • Who wrote the Bible and how it came to us.

  • Why there is an Old Testament and a New Testament.

  • How to tackle the difficult language sometimes used in the Bible.

  • How to learn more using effective study tools.

  • An overview of each book of the Bible in a concise, easy to understand manner.

  • Tips for letting the Bible interpret itself.

  • How to prove to yourself that the Bible is not a work of fiction.

You will Discover...

  • About the original languages of the Bible.

  • Definitions of Bible terms e.g. the title “Christ”.

  • Common misconceptions.

  • Science and the Bible.

  • Understanding the context of Bible passages.

  • About the Jews and why they are so important in the Bible.

  • Why the Bible is intentionally difficult to understand in parts and how it can be simplified.

  • How the Bible was translated into English.

  • Why there are four gospels.

You will Find out...

  • How to understand Bible prophecy.

  • Why God allows so much suffering and wickedness in the world.

  • How to answer critics of the Bible.

  • The differences between Bible versions and how to choose the best version for yourself.

  • How to use a concordance and a lexicon.

  • How to use cross references.

  • How to use a simple plan to read the whole Bible in a year.

  • About life, death and hope for the future.

Starting 19th May 2022, 19:30 - 20:30

on Zoom

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"I had many unanswered questions. By attending the course I found my way around the Bible and found all the answers I needed. What a revelation!"


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